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About Conference

It is our pleasure and honor to cordially invite all scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates and students from all over the world to attend the International Meet on Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, held during June 05-07, 2023 in Paris, France.

INDUSTRIALMEET2023 shares an insight into the recent research and cutting edge technologies, which gains immense interest with the colossal and exuberant presence of young and brilliant researchers, business delegates and talented student communities.

INDUSTRIALMEET2023 goal is to bring together, a multi-disciplinary group of scientists and engineers from all over the world to present and exchange break-through ideas relating to the Manufacturing Engineering and Technology. It promotes top level research and to globalize the quality research in general, thus makes discussions, presentations more internationally competitive and focusing attention on the recent outstanding achievements in the field of Industrial and Technology.

We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Facts& Figures About The Event

200 Limited to 200 attendees
16 + Topics
18 + Plenary & Keynote talks
35 + Countries

Find the best solutions from people who share same interests by joinig your peers at the conference. We strongly believe in creating opportunities for researchers physicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals globally through our multi-dimensional activities.

Scientific Sessions

Submit Abstract We request you to submit a brief idea or abstract of your talk/presentation/symposium/workshop according to your session interest
  • Industry 4.0
  • CAD/CAM, Automation & Robotics
  • Control Engineering
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Mining Engineering
  • Process Engineering / Industrial Process
  • Production Engineering
  • Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System
  • High-speed/precision machining
  • Laser Processing Technology
  • Quality Control
  • Machinability of Materials, Composite Materials
  • Material Engineering
  • Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications
  • Mechanical Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Precision Manufacturing & Measurement
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Structural Strength and Robustness
  • System Dynamics and Simulation
  • Tribology & Green Tribology
  • Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control
  • Automation in Manufacturing
  • Green Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Automobile Engineering And Operations Research
  • Modeling and Simulations
  • ICT Entrepreneurship
  • Green supply chain management
  • Green Mobility
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Green fuel production
  • Computer-Aided Geometric Design & Simulation
  • Construction Machinery and Equipment
  • Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
  • Design Tools, Cutting Tool Material and Coatings
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control
  • Energy Machinery and Equipment
  • Fluid Dynamics, Bio-Fuels, Fuel Cells
  • Ergonomics
  • IOT , Data Science and Data Analytics
Submit Abstract

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 25, 2023
Earlybird Registration Deadline: July 25, 2022
Standard Registration Deadline: November 25, 2022
Onspot Registration: June 5, 2023

Conference Schedule

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About Paris, France

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