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It is our pleasure to invite all the scientists, academicians, young researchers, business delegates, and students from all over the world to attend the 3rd  International Meet on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials will be held in Osaka, Japan from April 15-17, 2024.


MAGNETISMMEET2024 Conference provides a platform of international standards where you can discuss and share persuasive key advances in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. In addition to Presentations, Workshops, and Discussions, the conference also offers a unique venue for renewing professional relationships, networking, and for remaining up-to-date variations in our challenging and expanding discipline.


MAGNETISMMEET2024 not only increased the number of opportunities for you to network with colleagues from across the world but also introduced more focused sessions that will feature cutting-edge presentations, special panel discussions, and livelier interaction with industry leaders and experts.


We’re looking forward to an excellent meeting with scientists from different countries around the world and sharing new and exciting results in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials.

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Facts& Figures About The Event

200 Limited to 200 attendees
16 + Topics
18 + Plenary & Keynote talks
35 + Countries

Find the best solutions from people who share same interests by joinig your peers at the conference. We strongly believe in creating opportunities for researchers physicians, scientists, and other healthcare professionals globally through our multi-dimensional activities.

Plenary Speakers

Philip W. T. Pong
Philip W. T. Pong

New Jersey Institute of Technology

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Cong Wang
Cong Wang

Beihang University

>> Biography
Osman Adiguzel
Osman Adiguzel

Firat University

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Keynote Speakers

Djordje Spasojević
Djordje Spasojević

University of Belgrade

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Invited Speakers

Sanjay Chintakindi
Sanjay Chintakindi

King Saud University
Saudi Arabia

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Yarub Al-Douri
Yarub Al-Douri

American University of Iraq

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Scientific Sessions

Submit Abstract We request you to submit a brief idea or abstract of your talk/presentation/symposium/workshop according to your session interest

I. Fundamental Properties and Cooperative Phenomena

  1. Electronic Structure and Phase Transitions
  2. Quantum Materials and Cooperative States: Superconductivity, Spin Liquids, Chem Insulators, etc.

II. Magnetoelectronic Materials and Phenomena

  1. Multiferroic Materials and Hetero-Structures
  2. Complex Oxides (Bulk, Films and Heterostructures)
  3. Half-Metallic Materials
  4. Hall Effect and Magnetic Semiconductors

III. Spintronics - Fundamentals and Devices

  1. Giant Magnetoresistance
  2. Tunnel Magnetoresistance
  3. Voltage-Controlled Magnetic Anisotropy and Switching
  4. MRAM, Magnetic Logic, and Related Devices
  5. Domains and Domain Wall Devices
  6. Skyrmions and Spin-Orbitronics
  7. Antiferromagnetic Spintronics
  8. Spin Injection and Spin Transfer Torques
  9. Neuromorphic Computing
  10. Spin Currents, Spin Pumping, Spin Hall, and Related Effects
  11. Spins in Graphene, Topological Insulators, and Other 2D Materials

IV. Magnetization Dynamics and Micromagnetics

  1. Magnetization Dynamics and Damping
  2. Spin Waves
  3. Micromagnetic Modeling

V. Soft Magnetic Materials

  1. Ferrites and Garnets
  2. Crystalline Alloys
  3. Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials

VI. Hard Magnetic Materials

  1. Rare-Earth Transition Metal Borides
  2. Nanostructured Hard Magnetic Materials
  3. Intermetallic Alloys and Other Hard Magnetic Materials

VII. Structured Materials

  1. Thin Films and Surface Effects
  2. Multi-Layered Films and Superlattices
  3. Patterned Films
  4. Nanoparticle and Nanowire Arrays and Self-Assembly
  5. Exchange Bias
  6. 3D and Other Magnetic Structures
  7. Superconducting thin film and Heterostructures

VIII. Special Magnetic Materials

  1. Magneto-Optic Materials
  2. Magneto-Elastic Materials
  3. Magneto-Caloric Materials
  4. Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Materials e. New Magnetic Materials

IX. Magnetic Recording

  1. Recording Media
  2. Write and Read Heads
  3. Energy-Assisted Recording
  4. All-Optical Recording and Other New Recording e. Recording Systems and Modeling

X. Sensors, High Frequency Devices and Power Devices

  1. Magnetic Sensors (non-recording)
  2. High-Frequency, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave Devices
  3. Transformers and Inductors
  4. Magnetics for Power Electronics and Control
  5. Shielding, Levitation and Propulsion

XI. Interdisciplinary Topics

  1. Bio-Magnetism and Chemical Magnetism
  2. Biomedical Applications
  3. Magnetic Fluids and Separations
  4. New Applications
  5. Education, Outreach, and Public Engagement in Magnetism

XII. Magnetic Characterization

  1. Magnetic Microscopy and Imaging
  2. Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques
Submit Abstract

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: March 01, 2024
Earlybird Registration Deadline: July 25, 2023
Standard Registration Deadline: September 25, 2023
Onspot Registration: April 15, 2024

Conference Schedule

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About Osaka, Japan

Osaka is a major financial center of Japan, and it is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in Japan. It's known for its modern architecture, nightlife, and hearty street food.  Osaka is an international center of research and development and is represented by several major universities, notably Osaka University, Osaka Metropolitan University, and Kansai University. Famous landmarks in the city include Osaka Castle, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Dōtonbori, Tsūtenkaku in Shinsekai, Tennōji Park, Abeno Harukas, Sumiyoshi Taisha Grand Shrine, and Shitennō-ji, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan.

Along with plenty of shopping and modern attractions, Osaka also has a historical side, the highlight of which is Osaka Castle. It's surrounded by a moat and a park with plum, peach, and cherry blossom trees. This castle is a great place to discover more about Japanese history and to wander the beautiful grounds, especially during cherry blossom season in April when the sakura blooms and the weather is often at its best.

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